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Here’s a photo of a woman I met last week. A few months ago she was a beautiful and vibrant 23-year-old woman. She is still vibrant and beautiful. She has such a great smile that you almost don’t see how disfigured she is when you meet her.  An angry lover poured acid in her face.  […]

Would Trump lie to a dog?

If he goes unchecked Trump will fuck up the world of 2018.  No other president has had such global capacity. Trump is dangerous beyond imagination. He attacked Syria.  Then went on TV and told the world that it was pretty much of a one time warning. But can he believed?  Nope. Not in his wildest […]

The Miracle Seagulls

Religions are a combination of good and evil. Most converts to these religions are an amalgam of good and evil. How do “sinners” seeking spiritual guidance nail down the right religion? Often through the good works of missionaries. I was a Mormon Missionary in New Zealand where I brought 34 converts into the LDS faith. […]