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If you’re into vamps and vampires and the latest twist on Sherlock Holmes’ thrillers, you’ll love this:

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Hi — we’re Kate and Hooper. We’re tiny whooping mooses and kids find us kind of cute. 

Here is how to draw us.


Kids have to deal with bullies and parents have to figure out how to talk to their kids about bullies.


If you would like a free copy of our book that you can hear and see on any computer or smart phone or tablet please click here.


If you like what you see, share that link with your kids.


The 40 minute graphic novel is designed to get families talking about bullies.  There are 160 lovely images.  We won’t charge you or your kids a cent for this book.


And,if you would like a link to the book without the narration but retaining the music and special effects, shoot me an email:


I’ll send you a link.  The book is perfect for you to read to your kids. Or you can get them to read it to you.  Thanks.

Or how about listening to a hilarious novel of what happens when Mormon Missionaries go off the deep end?

WARNING Don’t drink milk when you read this — it’ll shoot out your nose and kill your cat.


Great Narration — not free 🙁

except the preview


Fun in Spain

Our Trip to Spain



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