Ho Ho Ho – Santa

Christmas eve and the Ho-Ho-Ho boy is annoyed.

Rudolph:  What’s buggin’ you?

Santa:  You’ve been drinking again.

Rudolph:  Blizzard out there, Santa. Need a little antifreeze. Makes me lovable.

Santa:  You’re grounded.

Rudolph:  I’ll lose my Nike contract.

Santa:  Tough! I’m replacing you.

Rudolph:  Right. Sure. Santa Claus, the Benevolent; Santa, the Purveyor of Wonderful Gifts — but how do you get a really nice gift from old St. Nick?

Santa:  You’re prancing on my nerves.

Rudolph:  Why? Don’t you want the world to know how Santa decides which good little girls are going to score Pink BMWs?

Santa:  You want to end up sled dog chow?

Rudolph:  What do you think would happen if the world found out we’re only delivering seven gifts tonight?

Santa:  So? Everyone knows it’s hype when our PR people say I’m going to visit everyone, I’d have to have a fleet of 747s —

Rudolph:  While little kids are being tucked in, and visions of sugar plums are dancing through their heads, you’ve conned their parents into doing your work.

Santa:  Shut your oat hole.

Rudolph:  What do you think would happen to your nonprofit status if the IRS found out that these presents in the sled are all for your grandchildren?

Santa:  My grandchildren are great kids.

Rudolph:  Spoiled rotten. Why? All that money you funnel to them from your North Pole cash cow.

Santa:  Find yourself another job, jerk-off!

Rudolph:  You holiday marshmallow. By close of business, December 26, Coca-Cola will know all about you.

Santa:  Coke and I have been partners long before you came on the scene.

Rudolph:  And when they find out that you winter in Florida with a couple of bimbos who are real naughty and nice?

Santa:  Never happen. Security! Get here! Now!

Rudolph:  The elves, who, by the way, have a tougher work schedule than Cathy Lee Gifford’s employees, snapped cell phone photos of you and your Florida helpers. I mean, sure, it’s cute when a couple of mature girls sit on your lap. But naked?

CNN News:  The Coca-Cola company announced that Mrs. S. Claus will become CEO of Santa International Enterprise. R. Deer will take over as CFO. A company spokesman said that Mr. Claus will focus on strategic planning at his new Florida office.


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