How things roll at our home in Alberta

We want the common area to be clean and neat so that:

1.  It’s a pleasant environment for all of you.
2.  An attractive house will attract others who are clean and neat.
3.  New housemates can see how things should be when that they move in.


Each of you has pledged two hours a month to keep the common area clean and tidy.  We have a cleaning pro and she helps you.  It is not her job to empty the garbage or take it out to the lane.  Nor do all the work. 


Ours is not a four star hotel. Not even a one star one.  It is a way for an evil landlord and his befuddled wife to exist. If you fail to move the garbage, we will hire someone to do it and bill you. Our cost is $25 an hour.  Minimum one hour.

 You decide how to get the garbage out. Thursday morning for sure.  And one other time during the week.

Our CLEANING PRO won’t tell us if you guys fail to take out the garbage.  But our  neighbors and friends will.  We have eyes everywhere.

Maybe even drones.


Terrified yet?


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