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People often ask me how to sell scripts in Hollywood. The following websites may help. Two other things count: passion and a smile.

Tips for journalist and writers (click on “fifty writing tools.”)

Who is doing what?  (So you need to connect with stars. Check out who they work with. Hint:  try their make-up person.)

Communicate your ideas in a clear, concise and compelling way.

Oh, to be this good

Start with a German tax shelter

Marketplace for publishing professionals

The best book on screenwriting. Buy it. (You’ll note this is the only time I suggest you spend money. If you don’t get good value, I’ll refund your money.)

Read a script

Can you sell your script this way?  I have no idea but….

Mary J. Schirmer writes screenplays and teaches screenwriting

Another place to sell your screenplay

I like these guys — great ideas for writers

I told you to buy this guy’s book. Here’s why  (No, I’m not related to this character and I don’t get a kickback.)

The 10 Secrets of a Master Networker

A screenwriting tip every day

Reflections of a working writer

Can you sell your script this way? I still have no idea but….

Pilot projects…

If I were you I’d never have anything to do with agents or managers who want money up front to represent you. They should only get their cut after they make the sale.

From time to time producers will take you out for lunch. Always offer to pay for it. If they let you, never call them again. Never return their calls. It might cost you $50 but it’s money well spent. Use the time you would have wasted to write three spec scripts.

What’s the secret of writing? The first million words, after that it gets more difficult because you know less.


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