Travel warning from a friend ….

Thank you for your dire warning about flying almost half way around the world.

On Fri, Nov 6, 2015 at 12:04 PM, Fred wrote:

​…. I do certainly advise you not to go to New Zealand. It is a hard and long flight. It will be hard on you and Kate to take such adventure,
Please reconsider.

Thank you



Thank you for your dire warning about my flying almost halfway around the world.

You’re right: a long flight to New Zealand will be hard on us. Luckily, I have come up with a short-cut to New Zealand. 

This means I will fly a shorter distance than the others on the plane.

I will decrease the distance (Plan A)  by jogging from our seats (by the cockpit) to the back of the plane (Plan B).

This insures I’ll travel 100 yards (Plan A minus Plan B) less than the other passengers, many of whom are even older than you and me and probably won’t survive the longer trip.

Kate, who is younger than me, can probably handle the additional distance. Fingers crossed.



ps — I am taking my pet crow with me. He has been lucky for me. His name is Freddie II. He is part homing pigeon…if we go down I will release him with a note to you.

If this happens please notify NASA. Just tell ’em, “Jaron is off the radar again.” They’ll know what to do.


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