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My grandmother went to bed in the fall, stayed there until the spring.

Then in mid-May my mother and uncle would throw open the shutters and get Grandma up for the summer.

This went on for twenty years.

Had Grandma been born in the 19th century she would have been deemed clever and cunning.

There wasn’t enough food to fuel the French peasants in the good old days. So they hibernated during the winter.

If the USA cuts its need for energy by 50 percent, we will no longer be dependent on foreign oil. (Some say if we didn’t need foreign oil we wouldn’t need wars.)

So I say let’s start hibernating.

Within five years we will have paid off the national debt, become energy self-sufficient and reduced wars.

Too crazy, you think?

We can’t sleep that much?

What the hell have you been doing while our government got us into the worst war we ever dived into, the worst economic crisis America has ever seen — all the while, asleep at the wheel of our gas-guzzling vehicles?

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