Do I really think we should all hibernate for most of the winter? 

No, I guess not.

But what would happen if we stayed in bed a bit longer? It worked for Hugh Hefner and of course Winston Churchill spent much of his time in bed, working away.

What’s wrong with a home bedroom? Almost like a home office. Lots of people have them.

If you’re in bed in winter you don’t need as much heat for your home. And the commute to work is non-existent. So you’d save energy and time.

While you’re in bed working you wouldn’t be using energy to drive to and from an office.

And with more rest, you might get by on less food.

Using video cameras we could develop pajama work conferences.

And if you snuggled with someone you loved you might not be as keen to go to war.

So what would happen if we stayed in bed for one or two days a week?

Massive energy savings? Fewer wars? Less reliance on fossil fuels.

Just something to think about.

Write and tell me what you think.



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