Bittersweet Collection


1- Dr. Paul

2- Home at Last

3- Candle in a Hurricane

4- Darrell Jones — One down, three to go.

5- Bill Lutsky — Hate to see you go.

6- Pearl Stories about my mother.

7- Doug Paul Goodbye to an old friend….

8- Heaven’s Gate — an update. Where are they now?

9- Wild Echoes A boy learns a lesson about hunting.

10- Paradise Lost But it can be found with my help.

11- Hooked So much alike, yet…

12- Baby Talk What are they babbling about?

13- A Rose By Any Name When a boy and his mother talk of sex.

14- The Female I understand them; you can too. Easy.

15- Friends Old friends are the best friends.

16- Killer Bees What do you do when you’re naked?

17- Negotiations The art of the deal or how to win, win, win!

18- Tough Luv Start ’em when they’re young…

19- Humming Bird So close to human….

20- The Pyramid And other riddles of my life.

21- Open Wide A great dentist is a wonderful find.

22- Dad The Glow of a Father.

23- Who is Jaron? A short and modest bio. Well, quite modest.