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If you’re into vamps and vampires and the latest twist on Sherlock Holmes’ thrillers, you’ll love listening to this:

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Hi — we’re Kate and Hooper. 

We’re tiny whooping mooses

and kids find us kind of cute. 

Here is how to draw us /amaze your children

Kids have to deal with bullies and  parents have to

figure out how to talk to their kids about BULLIES!


If you would like a free copy of our animated graphic novel that your family can hear and see on any computer or smartphone or tablet please click here.

If you like what you see, share that link with your kids.


The 40 minute tale is designed to get families talking about bullies.  There are 160 lovely images.  We won’t charge you or your kids a cent for this book.


And,if you would like a link to the book without the narration but retaining the music and special effects, shoot me an email:  jaronbs@gmail.com


I’ll send you a link.  The book is perfect for you to read to your kids. Or you can get them to read it to you.  You’ll thank God you shared it with your kids. 


And, speaking about God — meet

Elder Wonder — went halfway

around the world to bring

cannibals to Jesus.


Elder Wonder  failed!

Listen to a hilarious novel

 about Mormon Missionaries

who go off the deep end. 


when you read — it’ll shoot out

your nose and startle your cat.



Free when you join Audible

Thinking about a holiday?

Fun in Spain

Our Trip to Spain






Click one of the above to see some of my work.

You can buy one of my novels here. If you

can’t afford it, write me a funny

note and I’ll send you a PDF

of the novel.

Rather than beg one million people to donate a dollar each, I’d like one billionaire (or two or even three) to simply give me a million buck$. You know who you are.


Our Favorites



Jaron Summers wrote dozens of primetime television and radio programs, including those for HBO, CBS, ACCESS TV and CBC. He conceived the TV and Film Institute of Canada. Funded by the University of Alberta and ITV, Jaron ran the Institute for 12 years, donating his services for a decade.


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