Cult Quiz

How to tell if you’re a fanatic in a cult.

1- Do you believe your God speaks to you and guides you?

2- Do you believe your God directs your leaders?

3- Has your God given you a list of things to do in order to become a better person?

4- Do you believe that you will prosper if you follow His teachings?

5- In your dealing with God or with the leader He has chosen, does it become clear that if you stray from His teachings, that possible harm may come to you?

6- Are you encouraged by your leader(s) to act negatively toward anyone who leaves the group or criticizes it?

7- Do you think it’s better to marry people who share your belief in god?

8- Have you or your group, at any time in its history, hatched methods to harm those who do not share your philosophy of your god?

9- Do you believe that you should avoid people in other groups who do not believe in your God?

10- Do you believe that if you follow the above principles that after you die, you will be in a special place reserved for your group?

End of quiz.

Stop writing.

Put your pens down.

Add up your score. Be honest.

You are fanatic if you answer yes to at least one of the above questions, at least according to most atheists.

It is also the opinion of everyone who is not a member of your cult.

Your cult? Where did that come from?

Well, anyone outside of your religion thinks you are in a cult.

So most people think other people are fanatics in cults.

Great fun, ‘eh?


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