Ever Found Out GOD Watches You?

I discovered girls and the rabbit games moved into more risky territory.

I was brought up in a fairly strict Christian household and one of my parents was a Mormon.

From the age of three stroking my penis was a no-no.

My parents convinced me that God was WATCHING me 24/7.

Our LDS bishop often asked me if was “wringing the red rabbit.”

I lied and said no. He told me that the only highway to salvation was to tell him what was going on and then God might forgive me. He was certain God was watching all of us.

I discovered girls and the rabbit games moved into more risky territory.

I didn’t want to confess to anyone about something so personal as convincing girls to rub the rabbit so I made a deal with god in which I promised He could fail me for one year of high school each time I violated “LDS standards.”

I kept score and things worked out so that I would not graduate until 3006, late March.

On the verge of losing my virginity I was called to be a Mormon missionary. But first an apostle in the

LDS church had a chat with me.

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