Failed Life – additional notes

Did I like going to BYU. You bet. I never had more fun with my clothes off.



Christmas Special   $6.66  Money back guarantee  




The Failed Life of

a Mormon Missionary

(Get Thee Behind Me, Satan)


POTENTIAL: Think Book of Mormon, the comedy Broadway runaway play.  It’s brought in $500 million according to The New York Times.  Consider what the film would do. The world is ready for a great feature comedy about Mormon Missionaries.

AUDIENCE:  With 71,000 Mormon Missionaries knocking on doors around the world, the world is ready for a laugh  showing what could go wrong.

There are 15,000,000 Mormons world wide.  They love stories about themselves … every Mormon knows a least a dozen missionaries in the field.  Many families have a dozen missionaries if you just count their kids.  That’s if they have only one wife. 

BUDGET:  Set in the heartland of America and among the children of Maoris in New Zealand this amazing comedy requires no special effects, wild car chases or special stunts.  New Zealand has great incentives for producers along with the best sound stages and equipment on the planet thanks to Avator II and the Hobbit productions.

DIRECTORS:  Some of the finest on the planet would love to shoot either the 60-minute pilot or the feature film of the Failed Life of a Mormon Missionary.

THE MATERIAL:  Both the pilot and feature screenplay are completed.  In addition the best selling novel continues  to attract rave reviews.  The ten hour Audible is ripe for a series focused on the wild and authentic lives of Mormon Missionaries.

Listen to Jack Wynters’ superb narration . Request a free copy if you’re a producer, actor or director.


Jerry Wonder is the hero of this hilarious coming-of-age novel.

A 19-year-old Mormon missionary, Jerry, flies half way around the world to save the souls of the children of cannibals.  He fails.

Elder Wonder’s path is fraught with challenge. He misses his girlfriend who tried valiantly to seduce him, but to his regret, he remained strong for both of them. Now, he worries he will lose her in his two-year absence.

And, he is flawed.



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