President Bernie … gulppppppppppp

November 8, 2016

How did Bernie Sanders become our 45th president?

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Romney gave another blistering speech on all the things wrong with Trump.

Trump claimed he knew more about The Missionary Position than Romney, even though Mitt had been a missionary for The Mormon Church.

Bernie told Trump to zip it.

Trump challenged Bernie to a televised contest in which both naked candidates would make love to their wives.  The ultimate reality show for all Americans to watch and rate.

Americans  gave up.  People went swimming or mowed their lawns. 

As a result only two votes were cast in the Presidential Election.

One for Bernie.  

The second ballet for Trump was declared spoiled since I AM THE BEST! had been scribbled on it with a felt pen. 

Bernie thanked the American people for their support and is now in the White House.



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