Kona Kat 2 – S.O.S. from Hawaii

A plea to all humans still alive.


written by

I managed to make another 12 cent film in Hawaii.

I don’t know if I will be around to complete a third…

The felines have encircled the house here in Kona, they grow stronger each day. They have formed some kind of axis of evil with the chickens.

The Kona Kat is behind this.

The cats taught free range chickens how to disguise themselves as

HAWKS and attack us.

Many of our fellow humans were so traumatized by my last movie that I had to tone down how evil the Kona Kat was and is.

Still, in this current offering, you will easily understand that the Kona Kat is plotting against all of us.

Pray for our race.

Kona Kat

…showing the true mindset of the creatures who wish to destroy us.


Producer’s Pledge:

Although, we are under siege from certain fanatical animal rights groups, we will continue our work.

What we have discovered could result in the end of the human race and a devastating shortage of puff pastry.


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