Master the game, Master your life

Agility and speed make them look like they’re executing perfect shots with impeccable timing.

Master the Game, 
Master Your life


written by 

jaron summers  (c) 2024

There are many reasons that badminton players love their game.  Here’s five of them.

  1. Precision and Agility: Badminton players learn to move quickly and precisely around the court. Mastering agility with speed makes them look like they’re gliding effortlessly, executing perfect shots with impeccable timing. That’s pretty cool.

  2. Mental Toughness: Players develop mental fortitude, handling intense pressure and staying focused during crucial moments. Once learned, this calm and composed demeanor in high-stress situations pays off with huge dividends.

  3. Strategic Mastery: Good players are not just physically skilled but also highly strategic. They learn to outthink their opponents, make smart decisions, and anticipate moves, which adds an intellectual factor to their game.

  4. Sportsmanship: Great badminton players respect their opponents, officials, and fans. Their gracious behavior both on and off the court adds to their overall cool persona.

  5. Inspiring Dedication: The dedication and hard work required to reach the top levels of badminton are inspiring.

Hundreds of years ago, the Greeks understood the importance of balance between mind and body.

But they played way too rough for my liking.

I was raised around hockey and wild bull riding. Badminton always seemed much safer… and gentler.

Meet Doc. He recently arrived at the University of Alberta and loves badminton. He often plays five hours a day and he’s good. He loves teaching people the joy of mastering the game.

His classes are free, and he has access to lots of indoor courts.

If you’re starting out, all you need is a second-hand badminton racket, some track shoes, and a something to cover your vital parts. You’ve got to admit that’s a lot more economical than racing Formula Ones. Plus, badminton is way safer for the participants and the audience.

Call Doc and he’ll introduce you to the secrets of a wonderful way to get in shape with a lot of laughs.  And you’ll make some new friends.  Or bring a friend. 

Remember, a feathered shuttlecock to the head beats a hockey puck between your eyes or a Brahma bull line dancing on your spine.

Doc’s phone is: 587-936-1500

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