Science VS Religion

The world is in chaos due to the clash between science and religion. If science stops relying on faith while religion embraces some mystery, they can coexist, leading to a balanced and peaceful planet.

Science vs Religion

written by

jaron summers © 2024


I’ve never seen the world in such chaos as it is now. Well, maybe except for that time when my aunt decided to get married at our house and invited her employer, a bank manager she was having an affair with, to the ceremony.

My father, in a burst of genius, vowed to muder the malevolent money changer who had brought shame to our family. 

Mother hid Dad’s shotgun.

Dad glimpsed the banker drive off and gave chase in our Rocket 98 Oldsmobile.  

The groom was bewildered. But, like the rest of the wedding party, he was so intoxicated he couldn’t tell a bouquet from a baguette.

Fortunately dear old Dad settled for rear-ending the banker’s sedan at high speed on that rain-driven Saturday afternoon, turning the wedding into a muddy marriage.  

I shall forever remember the banker’s head repeatedly bouncing off his steering wheel like a bobblehead on a jackhammer.  

But let’s get back to our global chaos.  What’s going on?

Simple. The world is made up of two major tribes, each at the other’s throats, ready to explode into a mushroom cloud of mayhem.

Who are these dangerous tribes?

The science tribe and the religion tribe. Rival gangs, each one trying to outdo the other, edging us closer to doomsday.

Take the scientists. They scoff at miracles and divine interventions but hype dark matter, black holes, and the notion that we’re all living in a computer simulation.

Fifty-three percent of scientists think we’re characters in a cosmic video game, controlled by some extraterrestrial teenagers on another planet. It’s like Sims 4, but with more existential dread.

On the other hand, you’ve got your religious folks. They demand absolute certainty about everything. Their faith is based on hard evidence; why, it’s über science!

Take the idea of a Supreme Being.

Millions pray and their prayers get answered … sometimes. That’s proof enough.  Miracles happen; there’s someone up there, listening.

And let’s not forget the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

There are 353 pieces of His cross scattered around churches and museums, confirming that Jesus was real, the Son of God, and to boot, born of the Virgin Mary.

It’s all documented by learned men at the Council of Nicaea in the third century AD. Case closed.

So, what’s the solution when religion and science clash?


Science needs to stop running on faith, and religion needs to stop demanding scientific proof for everything.

If science could just focus on hard evidence and leave the faith for Sunday sermons, and if religion could embrace a bit of mystery and wonder without needing archaeological digs to back it up, we’d find our perfect balance.

In the end, science and religion are like my father and aunt and her lover: they need to stop rear-ending each and coexist.

We’d have a perfect world where we can giggle at our own absurdities and finally find common ground—preferably not at a wedding in my backyard.

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