Mr. Science

My boyfriend is telling me that the Earth is flat, but my friends are telling me that he’s lying. I think the Earth is round, but I’m not sure. Is the Earth round or flat?

Mr. Science Answer: Both groups are correct. The earth is both round and flat. Have a look. This is a photo from NASA that my Uncle Claude “borrowed” when he was a janitor for the CIA.

New Zealanders have a theory that if the world were flat cats would knock everything off it. Those people are correct. If you go to New Zealand there’s stuff on it — trees, buildings, chewing gum. That is because it’s in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s the top half off the hemisphere. It’s round.

But in the northern hemisphere there are very few cats. Just young ones with sharp claws. The rest have fallen off the edge.

Best to you and your boyfriend.

Jaron (Mr. Science) Summers


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