Roger Moore and I were both Saints

Roger Moore and I were both Saints

Before James Bond, there was the Saint.

I wanted to be like the Saint so I bought the car he drove with astonishing skill in the series: The Saint.

Alas, Roger Moore is gone and will be missed by millions of 007 fans.

I still have my 1800 Volvo —

The closest I ever got to being the Saint was when I was a latter-day Saint in New Zealand.

I dunked converts.

Moore ducked bullets.

In the exotic South Pacific I was a total failure as a Mormon Missionary.

If only the authorities had given me a license to kill, I might have converted more natives.




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Jaron Summers wrote dozens of primetime television and radio programs, including those for HBO, CBS, ACCESS TV and CBC. He conceived the TV and Film Institute of Canada. Funded by the University of Alberta and ITV, Jaron ran the Institute for 12 years, donating his services for a decade.

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