Pixel Fucking

Let’s talk about visual effects experts.

Pixel fucking is the code word for their craft—world-wide, the guys and a  few gals who’re making the blockbusters are far more important than the stars, the directors and—dare I say it?— even the writers.

The pixel fuckers are getting screwed financially by the people who need them the most.

So what is going to happen?

They’ll unionize and have their day.  They’ll become all-powerful, having learned to create films almost totally in post production.

What’s next?

How about—you write your script, press enter and with the help of AI and digital skulduggery—you create a masterpiece.

You and your AI partners make wonderful films and fine tune them to the nth degree.

The writers will be back on top.

Except if AI takes over.  Because everyone including those skating on the edge of a cinematic event horizon, long to become directors.

Directors are the prophets of the the present.



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