Anthony Weiner

I’m disgusted that everyone’s making crude jokes about our legally (former) Elected Official:  Anthony W**ner .

I am starting a contest.

First prize is a box of delicious See’s chocolates.

Only three rules.


(1) You must tell what happened to Elected Official Anthony W**ner in (2) 100 words or less. (3) You cannot use any of these words:

Dick, photo, junk, internet, married, penis, chopper (Brit. slang), cock (taboo slang), dick (taboo slang), dong (slang), John Thomas (taboo slang), joystick (slang), knob (Brit. taboo slang), member, organ, pecker (U.S. & Canada. taboo slang), phallus, pizzle (archaic & dialect), plonker (slang), prick (taboo slang), schlong (U.S. slang), tadger (Brit. slang), tool (taboo slang), wang (U.S. slang), weenie (U.S. slang), whang (U.S. slang), willie or willy (Brit. informal), winkle (Brit. slang), john henry, thing, short thing, erection, partial erection, chubby, fatty,hard-on, morning glory, morning wood, pocket rocket, stiffy, stiffie (UK, Australia), tentigo, wood, arouse, sex, excite, turn on, wind up, stimulate, shake, shake up, excite, stir, woody, underwear, misdeeds, f*ck, suck, go down, come (and the shorter nasty spelling) —

In other words, no one with a dirty mind need bother to enter the contest.

Since you have read this far you have a dirty mind.

You are Disqualified.

Better luck next time.

And here is my latest novel. It’s about a religious nut. Me.

(You should be 18 to read it.)


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