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Kate and I saw a sensational play, DRIVE, by a friend of ours, Laura Black. DRIVE makes you think. At least it did us. But not everyone agrees it's a great play. I read a mean spirited review of DRIVE. Here's what I thought of the ....



Kate and I saw a sensational play, DRIVE, by a friend of ours, Laura Black.

DRIVE makes you think. At least it did us.

But not everyone agrees it’s a great play.

I read a mean-spirited review of DRIVE.

Here’s what I thought of the reviewer — and, if you read it you will get my take on DRIVE.


Agnes and Estelle (Susan Sommer and Beth Robbins) turned in dynamite performances.

Reviewer Rebecca Haithcoat perhaps saw a different play than my wife and I did.

The play we saw dealt with the journey one goes through in an attempt to regain one’s mind. A part of that journey was from the protagonist’s point of view. That was both the fun and sorrow of this well-crafted story. Was the journey a bit disjointed? Sure — an occupational hazard of a shattered mind.

I won’t give away the ending or the structure — Rebecca has already done much of that — which means it’s time for her to hand in her blue pencil. The poor creature is simply not overburdened with wit or insight.

Laura Black’s play, DRIVE, illuminated an area of the theater and the mind that my wife and I found fascinating.

Peggy (played be Jane Hajduk) was consistently convincing as a woman caught in a web bridging reality and illusion. The rest of the cast was just fine, in some cases brilliant.

Was it a perfect play? No. But it will make you think. And laugh. And, amaze you.

And, long to see what else Laura Black’s unique mind hatches.

A great critic will enlighten both artist and audience. A bad critic tells you what is wrong with your ending and thus deprives you of a livelihood, and your audience of discovery.

The bad critic delights in stunning happy little children by blowing Santa’s cover.


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