As you know, we rent five rooms to mostly grad students in our home in Edmonton.

The housemates decide who can move in.

We have one guy from OZ who is into computers and artificial intelligence.

Anyway, he was dead set against any 19-year-old fellow who wanted to live in our home. Dismissed the guy and would not even have him in for an interview. All on the basis of this guy’s age.

Then he wrote me this:

BTW, given that the only housemate who is a gal might be leaving in April, and the rest of us have 1 year contracts, shouldn’t we find a female for the next tenant?

So I sent him back:

We are working on this. We almost had someone but I know you don’t want a 19-year-old guy in the house. So obviously no 19-year-old women, right? Sally will be twenty in a few months but I said no, we just can’t break “the rules” (your age rules) for her —

Here is her photo:


She’s a grad student in artificial intelligence of all things. Apparently she’s the Scrabble champion of Sydney where her father runs Toshiba’s main plant. Her mother owns hotels and casinos in Vegas.

Count on us to continue to respect your wishes banning immature people in our home. We can’t have undesirables.



Not a word came back from the Oz guy. The Swedish doctor wrote this to everyone:

Well guys,

Considering how desperate she looks, and she might be craving to live closer to the U of A, I think we might break the rule once for God’s sake, and help our sister in humanity!

As for me, I will be so generous to offer her my room all month for FREE 🙂


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