Correct Use of Floss

... he could work a 30-hour day

I interviewed the famous Time Management guru, Alfred Uber-Done.

Dr. Uber-Done, a Harvard PhD,  guides the world’s ten largest corporations in matters of efficiency.

Dr. Uber-Done’s phone never stops ringing.  Three postal workers deliver his mail each day and that includes Sundays and holidays.  He charges $10,000 a day for his services.

Dr. Uber-Done plays ten hours a day.  He sleeps ten hours a day. And he works ten hours a day.  I asked Dr. Uber-Done how he could work a 30-hour day.

“Quite simple. Multitask.  If you do it right you can work up to 40 hours a day.  Many people have a hard time finding that many productive hours  in a full week.  I am perhaps 10 times as successful as the average businessman.”

I asked him how he keeps track of all his tasks.

“Very simple.  I link EACH task to my good self with dental floss.  For example, I’m making a milk shake now.  I simply tie the milkshake maker to one of my toes and I’m linked-in.”

“Let me guess,” I said.  “Since you only have ten toes, you limit yourself to ten things?”

“That was the old days.  But then I started our dental floss factory where we make ten different colors of dental floss.  Bingo.  Ten colors of floss per toe.  Ten toes.  I can accomplish 100 tasks at the same time.”

“Don’t you trip with ten tasks tied to each of your ten toes?” I asked.

“No.  For example, green dental floss is for health.  See, I’ve tied a green strand to a dispenser of dental floss.  The other end winds around my small toe on my left foot.

“That reminds me that I’m anchored by dental floss … and knowing that I’m careful not to trip.  It’s simply beautiful and beautifully simple. ”

“Is there a downside to your Time Management system?” I asked.


“I don’t understand,” I said.

“During the development of my system I ran out of dental floss.  I neglected my teeth.  I lost them and now I have dentures.  A tiny price to pay for the perfect Time Management system.”

“Any other disadvantages?” I asked.

“Sandals.  Have to wear them so I can get to my toes.”




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