Keeping Your Cool in LA

Keeping your cool. Kind of warm in LA. Air Conditioner stopped blowing cold air. Checked on internet. Discovered 98 percent of time the fault is a condenser gone south.

Below is a photo of the condenser in our AC. Said condenser is about 15 years old.

Jotted down model number, found this site: Ordered replacement.

Took Kate and me about ten minutes to install. AC works PERFECTLY. Better than ever. Our total cost: $7 and that includes shipping.

Caution — a condenser holds an electric charge. So you need to discharge it. Or you could get a shock.

If you want a real shock do what our neighbor did — when his AC went on the blink — he had three different AC experts come to his place. At least $50 per visit. They suggested changing out his entire AC unit. $2,000.00 + Or at very least charging $500.00 + to upgrade the system.

He will now do what we did. Be advised — I am not an AC repair person. I don’t want anything for my suggestions. If you have any doubts about the correct way to fix your AC, make sure you know the dangers of electricity. And take appropriate steps. You could DIE. Or end up with a hot hairstyle.



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