Long Friendship Secrets

I keep a journal since it’s fun to see what I did ten or twenty or thirty years ago.

When I was a missionary I prayed each day.

One day I realized that if there were a god or gods they would have stopped people from creating religions.  Any religion.   Nothing is as detrimental to human friendships as people with different religions.

Furthermore, even if there were a God, He or She or It would be far too busy with quakes and quarks and quirks to deal with me.


Now I make some notes daily on what I’m thankful for. It’s always people, not things.

Today I made a list of those who I thought were great friends. I made a note beside each name of how long we had known each other. I was amazed how many friends I have known for forty of fifty years.

I showed the list to my wife and she asked me how it was that I was able to keep friends for so long. I said the secret was a short memory, at least according to Marcus Aurelius.

I doubt he said that but whenever I use a quote I often attribute it to someone who sounds like someone who might have said it.

Kate said, “That means you should not remember bad things friends do to you.”


“The only time you remember negative things about me is when you’re angry,” she said.

“No, Darling, after 34 year of marriage I remember all your negative qualities all the time. It’s like a movie in fast forward in my mind. I just mention them when I’m angry.”

She laughed.

Laughter is the another key to long friendships. But your wife has to realize you’re kidding. Otherwise you sleep alone. Sometimes for several nights.














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