180 words benefits of global warming

Note to self:  When buying co-ops in New York go for something above the fifth floor.

Perhaps global warming will cause the oceans to rise and New York will be underwater and you will drown on lower floors.

Logical? Nope. Within a New York second of the Atlantic’s rise, Washington will hire a bunch of Dutch engineers to build dikes along the Atlantic seaboard.

New note to self:  Why build close to shore? Go out a mile. Suddenly you’ll have thousands of extra square miles of reclaimed land ―

Can it be done? Look at Dubai. Look at Holland. Look at the Great Wall of China. That kept out the Mongol hoards for centuries. Same principle can be used to protect coastlines.

Yet another note to self:  Can money be made from huge dikes?

Absolutely. The dikes will be targets for taggers. Sell them spray paint or start a security force to arrest the mischievous taggers.

180 words. It’s a way of looking at problems and seeing solutions. You know, like considering something from a different point of view.


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