Wimbledon Silly Rules

Kate woke up our entire household that consists of the two of us at 4 am so she would watch Wimbledon. The venue has 18 tournament grass courts.

Players yell and scream at each other. They make noises that should only be employed in karate tournaments. Or in the final seconds of coupling.

What happened to getting together for fun while promoting sportspersonship? Wimbledon contestants need to start developing better sportspersonship. Yes?

And sharing.

The umpires or referees or whatever they call themselves could restrict the number of balls used each day at Wimbledon to 18.

Players who scream at each other would have their racquets confiscated and could only strike the ball with their teeth.

Also, I object to the players all having such white teeth. I guess to match their tennis garb. Silly Wimbledon rules.



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