Nostradamus and 9-11

Born in the early 16th century, Nostradamus wrote poems with four lines, quatrains. Notradamus Qnostradamus1uatrains were French but they also contained Italian and Greek and Latin. Many scholars (I, among them) feel these quatrains predict the future...

Born in the early 16th century, Nostradamus wrote poems with four lines, quatrains. Nostradamus quatrains were French but they also contained Italian, Greek and Latin.


Many scholars (I, among them) feel these quatrains predict the future and may hold the key to our survival.

Amazingly, Quatrain 9-11 has never been fully understood, probably because it was incorrectly translated.

Professor Ratabull at the London School of Economics went back to the original text to come up with what I think is a very accurate translation of Quatrain 9-11.

Here is his translation:

And lo, the lights will fall upon all people beside the great river, and the lights will burn bright and destroy man and bear and turn the land to a cinder.

The light will fall from the skies in the darkness of the city that floats on a sea of oil.

And the man who rules the sea will scream and rant but it will do no good.

After six days, the great nation will rule the sea of oil beneath the city.

Lo, the great nation shall carry the oil back to its shores and become stronger.

Now, any scholar would tell you that the above has five lines, not four. Also, the lines are longer than most of Nostradamus’ other quatrains.

Professor Ratabull assured me that the original four line quatrain was much shorter than his translation but 9-11 was so packed with information that he decided to render a translation that was accurate rather than poetic.

Professor Ratabull said that the original text of Quatrain 9-11 was filled with metaphors and obscure symbolism and that once understood gave incredible meaning to the original text.

He said he was certain that Quatrain 9-11 was written for those people living at the cusp of the third millennium. (I remind the reader we are only three years from that date and there is a good case to be made that we may be much closer to the beginning of the third millennium than our rather crude calendars indicate.)

Re-read the five lines of the four line poem and discover for yourself the significance of its message for the world on the eve of what could be nuclear holocaust —

Keep in mind that the way light or lights are first used, means a GREAT EXPLOSION and the original word Keer-bing-a-Blst indicates the center of the sun.

The five lines of the four line poem speak of this light (or nuclear blast) happening at night. Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn’t the U.S. Army attack its enemies at night? And aren’t we talking about tactical nuclear bombs?

Consider “the man who rules the sea of oil.” Doesn’t that sound like Saddam Hussein?

I thought so but Professor Ratabull told me I was wrong. Actually in the original French-Latin-Greek the phrase is an exact anagram for “Ralph Klein.”

Have you ever heard of Ralph Klein? If you are a Canadian you have. He is the premier of Alberta. There is more oil under Alberta than there is in the Middle East.

Now what is the great nation? Professor Ratabull says there is no question that the great nation is the United States of America.

Apparently the great nation will rule the sea of oil beneath Canada. Once again this may sound astonishing but according to Professor Ratabull if one goes back to the original French-Latin-Greek, city does not really mean city. But the “Home of Greeski.”

As any Canadian and most Americans know, Edmonton, Canada is the home of Wayne Gretzky. It is the city where Ralph Klein conducts most of his province’s business. Edmonton, by the way, has a great river running through it. Note that Nostradamus foretold of the destruction of bears.

Canada has lots of bears.

Some say too many.

It is crystal clear that Nostradamus was telling us that the United States will soon take over Canada’s rich oil fields.

America will attack Canada through Quebec. It is filled with cheese-eating surrender-monkeys and the American military is quite annoyed with them.

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