I was warned that if they came into the store not to wait on them and call security.

There were these two old guys in Edmonton that I heard about decades ago when I worked in Eaton’s Department Store in the shoe section.

They were senior citizens and they always went shopping for shoes together…I was warned that if they came into the store not to wait on them and call security.

Seems one of them had a right leg, the other had a left leg.  The rumor was that they each lost a leg in the war.  Which war I don’t know.

Apparently they would get into terrible fights which obare knuckleften included bare knuckle brawling when it came to deciding which pairs of shoes they were going to purchase.

I thought the relationship was hilarious.

I figured they would be great characters to write a movie or novel or short story about.  But I only got as far as these few paragraphs … and the title.


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Jaron Summers wrote dozens of primetime television and radio programs, including those for HBO, CBS, ACCESS TV and CBC. He conceived the TV and Film Institute of Canada. Funded by the University of Alberta and ITV, Jaron ran the Institute for 12 years, donating his services for a decade.

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