Whale Tale

The Whale Wrangling Piper

The waters off the coast of Kona, Hawaii, are said to be magical.

And I have a story about that magic. It involves gypsies, a piper and a whale.

The gypsies live in Kona and live to play music and conquer the sea — which was always the dream of their father.

They laugh a lot.


The gypsies also have a fun enterprise taking tourists to watch the famous humpback whales frolic in the Kona waters.

Here we go to watch the whales. Those are some porpoises shadowing our vessel, the Sea Wolf. We have been promised by Captain Bart that we will see a whale. Maybe an entire pod. Maybe more.


The problem is – sometimes the whales are busy diving to the depths of the intense blue sea. It is called sounding but you probably know that.


So what’s a gypsy to do with a boat full of tourists who have all paid to see a whale, if the whale is busy doing something else?

That’s where the captain’s nephew, Gradey, comes in. He, along with other members of his family, is a master of Gallic tunes.

When the tourists want to see a whale, and the whale is not cooperating, Gradey pipes an old ballad right there in the middle of the ocean.


click here: listen to the whales


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