So what if one of them almost became a football?

A family-friendly thriller featuring a nine-year-old girl,  her mother and a crime fighting pig: CHOPS.

Logline:  Chops, a police pig, smarter than your average cop, will need all of his charm and cunning to defeat the bad guys and patch up the relationship between a policewoman and her adorable child.

SynopsisChops, a European pig (Spurwildschwein Division), has a nose for narcotics and a passion for police work. He’s been awarded countless medals for sniffing out illegal explosives and saving lives.

That’s why the bad guys have taken out a contract on Chops.  His superiors don’t have a witness protection plan for pigs, so they send Chops to Manhattan to hide-out.

CHILLY (Brenda’s mother) — a hard-drinking cynical female cop — has no use for Chops. Forget fish out of water.  How about pig with a badge in Manhattan?

Chilly, on probation, has one final chance to redeem herself.  Babysit the German police pig.

Before you can say oink-oink the German pig bonds with Chilly’s precocious daughter, BRENDA.

Then (as so often happens in these cleverly written stories) when everything goes great, the thugs from Europe arrive.

They spot their arch enemy, Chops, on the five o’clock news.

Get ready for the ride of a lifetime.

Of course Chops and Brenda win the day and everyone lives happily ever after, having learning that love is what makes a family work.

So what if one of them almost became a football?

Stories about pigs, especially in family settings, score extremely high at box offices around the world.

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