Time Travel

Cousin Dora sent me this photo today. It’s me when I was about two. Ain’t I adorable? Today I am closer to 150 than two.

But what would I have told two-year-old me if such a thing were possible? Fun to think about but ….

Any suggestions I might have given that two year old could have resulted in my DEATH.

How about buy Microsoft.? Then I would have millions. I would have bought a Ferrari and wrapped it and my neck around a tree. I would be dead.

  • I am delighted the way things turned out. I have been lucky and blessed.
  • I think time travel is overrated.

NOTE: My father was always cracking jokes. Soon after I was born he said I didn’t have a sense of humor. He threatened to give me back to the stork. Said I could learn to fly and become a pilot. Then he flapped his arms and glued some feathers on my arms. I found this annoying.

I did not talk for the first four years of my life. They took me to a specialist and he asked me if I could hear him. I nodded, yes. “Can you SPEAK?” he asked.

I nodded yes, again.

“Then let’s hear from you!

So I barked. Everyone laughed.

That joke had taken me most of my life to set up.

My father agreed I was funny but he said we would have to work on my timing.


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