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Old world charm & hi-tech delights Three blocks from the campus, Features 50-inch HDTV, wi-fi, hardwood floors, spacious bedrooms and nearby bus and LRT.

Old world charm & hi-tech delights…three blocks from the campus,

features 55-inch HDTV, wi-fi, hardwood floors, spacious bedrooms

and nearby bus and LRT.

Here is a quick VIDEO.


Here’s your new home



Couples and partners

receive discounts


bright front

Robin’s eggs in apple tree behind house —



To get to the U of A, go out the front door, turn right, walk to the end of this street.  turn right, walk to the end of this street.



BRRR!  Gets chilly in Alberta



But warm in our home.


table flowers

North deck

(we don’t have a south deck. Ha-ha — jokes on you)


Don’t you love snow?


Summer is better, trust me. 



Front Room after tenants 

have cleaned it.  That’s a lie.

We have a cleaning pro. 

bright front


 TV’s been upgraded 55 inches:home11


That rubber tree won’t give up.


We have a large dining area but tenants spill food on rug, so we have this DVD player to trick them into eating in kitchen.




This is a photo of one of the hot chicks in our home.  That’s another lie.  That’s a silly cartoon.








Kitchen / with one of three fridges


First Upstairs Bedroom


Second Upstairs Bedroom


light bedroom (2)


3rd Bedroom / upstairs / winter

joes bed

…and your view from that window

in summer:


Upstairs Bathroom / full tub & shower


Downstairs Bedroom (Rooster

Room) with computer work station.


Downstairs Bedroom (Rooster Room) with queen bed.


This room is almost 400 square feet.


big room (2)

Downstairs bedroom with private kitchen — approximately 300 square feet.


Downstairs Bedroom with private kitchen


Newly tiled downstairs shower. Note the

“rain forest” shower head. That’s translucent glass

brick to thwart Peeping Toms. Not that there are any.


And you may do your washing by hand but…


… we have a washing machine and gas

dryer with a brand new laundry tub.


And if you’re into green (and we hope you are) we have a forty foot clothes line…


…and in our spacious backyard you can grow your own vegetables.


You have a security system/monitor that allows you to check some doors and windows  in parts of our common area, namely the living room.

You control this system.  Anyone in the house can turn it off.  As landlords we are concerned about winter temperatures in the house when it is empty.  We ask that you turn on the system when the house is empty.  Thanks.


The third bedroom on the first floor opens to an

attached garage.

Anyone  is welcome to live in our home and over the course of the years we have always enjoyed providing rooms for a variety of housemates representing diverse cultures, religions, ethnic backgrounds and ages and sexes.

Foreign students, students, graduate students, part time students, and all members of the public have enjoyed living in our home. They are all welcome.

We are under 300 metres from the University of Alberta, and the majority of our applicants are from the campus since there is a critical need for housing. This is particularly apparent for grad students.  But we welcome those who are not students.  

Click on the Mice : mice

The home has wifi, cable & local phone.

for info, email: jaronbs@gmail.com


Oh, did we mention? We have once-a-week maid service?

And a part-time gardener.




Kate and Jaron own the house. They want

you to feel at home. They ENCOURAGE

tenants to set things up so tenants

run the day-to-day activities

of the house. In other words,

the inmates are in charge

of the asylum.





  • Zafar says:

    Nic place

  • Peter Le Var says:

    Dear Jaron & Kate, Hello from L Seger’s husband, Peter. We remember both your host-ship, when Linda ‘seminared’ in Edmonton &, Kate, with a bottle of champagne, on a UA flight returning to L.A. Blessings to yous, Peter

    • jaron says:

      Hey, wonderful to hear from you. What’s going on with your lives? How are you book sales doing?

      cheers, jaron and kate

      ps — we are fine, Kate’s mother is 99 and in a nearby assisted living home.

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