The Double Bookmark

My Wife in Prison


Devil’s Island (honest)

My wife is a book thief.

I bring home a thriller and even though we have 1000s of them she hooks my latest book and reads it.

Then I find the purloined novel, and start to read it.

Of course I lose her place.

She goes into a total rage.

But she forgets I am a great problem solver.

As readers know, I was the first person in the history of the world to use the internet to market a novel. You can read about it here.

I also invented the fridge magnet and I think I came up with the name for Kiwi Fruit.

But those past accomplishments are nothing compared to my latest invention:

The Double Bookmark

© jaron summers 2009

This will be copied by millions of couples. Manufacturers will steal the idea. And as usual I won’t get a penny.

Here is how you make a double bookmark.

1. Print your name and your wife’s (or your partner’s) name on a business card or rectangle of paper.

2. Then trot over to where lotto tickets are sold and get some free plastic envelopes.

Slip cards in opposite ends of the plastic sheath.

Like so:


3. Use your end of the bookmark to keep track of your page — and then the book thief in your life can mark her place by bending over the bookmark and inserting the other end where she was reading.

Like this (obviously I would place my name between the pages I was reading in this excellent novel).


Simply beautiful and beautifully simple.

Why not make a half dozen double bookmarks? You can use fancy ribbon or duct tape instead of a plastic lotto envelope to join the two names.

This is a brilliant solution to thwart a book thief.

By the way, you can buy the above novel, Below The Line here.


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