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From 1984 to 1987, the police in Lower Saxony had a very special drug and explosive nose: a real wild boar with the name Luise. The 150-kilogram bache quickly became world famous.

The clever wild boar lady even entered the Guinness Book of World Records.


On 5 July 1984 Luise saw the light of day in the amusement park Sottrum. Already with three weeks came the little piglet to the policeman Werner Franke. Because this wanted to know whether boars are as well suited by their pronounced sense of smell as dogs, in order to sniff certain materials.

The disadvantage in dogs: In high heat dogs give up the search quickly, because they have to pant so much. Wild boars, on the other hand, possess a natural instinct to roar and sniff, which they pursue even in midsummer.

Extremely docile

Luise was a very docile pig: In the first year of her life, she learned to recognize the smell of various drugs, in the second even to sniff and display 15 different kinds of explosives.

The wild boar lived together with the other dogs of the service dog group and was fully accepted by them.


(The above was copied from a German newspaper and translated by Google.  That story was in a dozens of news articles worldwide and gave me the idea for Chops & Robbers — a fictious tale of a German Police Pig who ends up in the US.)

Here’s Chops and his best friend in America:



Chops & Robbers 2015  (feature s/p)

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