Cell Sell Sex

The cell phone, the world’s most ubiquitous communications tool, may be for talking, but what about making a sexual statement?

Success in the business world is this millennium’s aphrodisiac.

A male who announces within seconds of meeting the female that his net worth is $50,000,000, owns a condo in Maui, drives a Mercedes and is a killer business exec is often dismissed as the female excuses herself to make a phone call in the powder room (forgetting she has a cell phone in her purse).


Crassness doesn’t scan except when the bar is about to close and even then, one must be cautious of being too boorish.

On the other hand, it’s amazing what happens when the male, “oblivious to the world,” whoops into his cell phone, “Great, J.B. Then I can count on you for 12 mill to bring out my pastel widgets?”

What about women? Have you noticed foxes on cell phones, oblivious to their surroundings, chatting with invisible friends?

There are several ads exploiting this phenomenon. The usual scenario is a gal mouthing seductive invitations to a strange man.

Strange man (charmed) moves in on high breasts and high cheekbones and discovers (haw-haw) the lady has been talking on her hidden cell phone to her main squeeze.

There’s no question:  males are attracted to vivacious females. Of course, a gal has to be careful. Alpha wolves want to do the pursuing.

Sure, she can strut her stuff onstage or on TV but the average fox dare not become too animated prior to proper introductions.

A look, a flip of the hair, is okay. Passive flirting. But prior to the cell phone, when a gal wanted to reveal how she was behind close doors, she had to wangle a date with the babe before she could let down her hair.

Certain men are drawn to woman who have had a few drinks. The cell phone, according to a University of Utah study, produces symptoms worse than a drunk driver.

What is a poor girl to do in our MTV world of fast cuts and faster action, with only milliseconds to make her presence known?

By clutching a cell phone, any woman can employ wild body language, infectious laughter and seductive smiles for panting males from Paris to Peru.

Observe how women in the childbearing years preen and posture on a cell phone when the world is watching.

No wonder the cell phone has become a fashion statement.

The cell phone gives them license to pretend they are alone in a crowded room.

All of which suggests that when you shake the image a little, the cell phone allows total strangers — in search of mates — to behave intimately.


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