Sorry To Bother You

If there’s a dystopian side for unicorns, Boots Riley created it in Sorry to Bother You, a wildly satirical and thought-provoking film.

A tale of what happens when sci-fi technology and capitalism clash.

The film’s hero-twisted-unicorn Cassius [ Lakeith Stanfield], battles coke-sucking Steve Lift (Armie Hammer) when Cassius and his buds attempt to unionionize.

Describing the plot reveals spoilers that could ruin the film for you.  Like explaining sex to the uninitiated. When it’s good, it’s really good. When it’s bad, it’s still okay.  

For first-time director Boots Riley, Sorry to Bother You is an amazing accomplishment — he pulverizes the formula for 99 percent of feature films while retaining an old fashioned love story (boy falls in love, loses girl (Tessa Thompson), and horses around.  

Boots flips conventional storytelling on its ass. That’s worth the price of a movie ticket.

Making you think?  You end up with Mastercard moments.  Never mind that the final statement is a bear to figure out.  

Who could benefit from seeing this film?

Millions who dream of writing and directing a film that scrambles genres while breaking enough rules to convince the world you’re the next David Lynch or Ted Kotcheff or Wesley Wales Anderson.  



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