R.I.P. Bin Laden

When the Twin Towers disappeared in flames many thought a bunch of stupid and cowardly terrorists did it.



I felt that it was one of the cleverest sneak attacks that the world had ever seen and that the people behind it — although the personification of evil — were smart. And brave.

A tiny group of dedicated true believers who, with little money, killed 3,000 people and began a process that would not only rupture our economy but possibly destroy our way of life.

They willingly traded their lives for what they believed was a violent and necessary method to make the world a better place.

The generals in the great military academies would be talking about 9-11 for centuries.

The mightiest empire the world had known was brought to a standstill with a few box cutters and terrorists who could not even land a plane.

Turned out they only needed to know how to take over a plane.

Alas, we saw in slow motion horror — passenger planes become missiles. We kept calling these terrorists cowards. Their people called them heroes.

Ten Years Passed

America is now in danger of becoming little more than a tourist destination and Homeland Security seems to have been set up to keep tourists out of this country. So much for the tourist trade.

I did not in the beginning hate the perpetrators of the attack on the twin towers. I could see their point of view. It was easy for them to blame America for their sad lives. They were wrong. They were jealous. But I did not hate them.

But then a day came when I started to hate the terrorists.

It was the day that news cameras showed the friends and relatives of the terrorists screaming in delight over the awful things their brothers had accomplished in America.

They Were Gloating

I said at the time we were going to get them. Or if not them, their evil leaders. We all felt that way.

It took billions of dollars and hundreds of American lives and it may end up destroying our economy as we turn this country into a police state but by God we got Osama bin Laden.

Dead as a door nail. With the DNA to prove it.

Or did we?

There’s something fishy about what is going on because before anyone realized it, bin Laden was buried with the fishes and with him a lot of secrets.

Why the sudden swimming lesson for the dead terrorist?

Right now White House spin doctors are twirling like ballerinas.

First we are told bin Laden shot back, using his wife as a human shield — then we are told that bin Laden had no gun. And his wife may have been with him but she attacked his attackers. Other discrepancies emerge by the minute.

But getting back to his DNA.

The DNA may only prove the dead man is someone from bin Laden’s family.

Maybe DNA means Dang Near Anything.

We are so caught up in what seems “a victory” we are not looking past the headlines.

The more we cheer and wave flags, the more we seem to be gloating over the death of a tyrant.

That’s a Bad Move 

It’s one thing to attack a hornet’s nest with a sledge hammer. It’s another to gloat about it. It enrages our enemies and blinds us to what may be going on.

Especially when there’s so many hornets left.



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