Eskimo Power

Eskimos, along with a few other stone age people, can teach us how to survive our technology.

Check out the 1922 American silent documentary film Nanook of the North and you’ll see how the Eskimo or People of the Inuit, subdued the sub-zero temperatures of the Arctic and thrived.

That film is almost a hundred years old.  Since then we have managed to civilize the Eskimo but now we need stone age warriors if our race is to survive.

Why you ask.

Our modern society has so overwhelmed us with thousands of tiny tasks, each requiring countless steps, and we can’t complete any one project.  In order to survive each day we must become experts at multi- tasking but the human brain can only do one thing at a time.

Ever wonder why so many people die driving while texting.  Or knock their brains out as they text as they walk into a lamp post.

Humans can’t multitask efficiency. They probably can’t multitask at all. At best they can switch back and forth between tasks — but when they are not fast enough, they inevitable walking into a stop sign or over a cliff.





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