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The convenience, accessibility, and widespread adoption of smartphones make them the preferred choice for news consumption for the majority of the global population.

A photo of a person's hand holding a smartphone, with the screen displaying a news application that shows a variety of news articles, indicating personalized content. The smartphone is modern and the screen is clear, showing headlines and images related to the news articles. This image captures the essence of personalized news consumption on mobile devices in the digital age.

 As of 2023, global smartphone users exceed 6 billion. Smartphones are the main device for news, thanks to affordability and internet access.





Anyone past 30 probably has virtually no idea what this is:

Illustrate a 300x300 pixel virtual Windows 11 desktop showcasing snap layouts, featuring various applications like a web browser, file explorer, and a note-taking app arranged in a split-screen mode. The desktop should have a clean, modern look with sharp edges, reflecting the aesthetic of Windows 11. Include a taskbar at the bottom with icons for these applications, and subtly indicate the snap layout functionality by showing the mouse cursor dragging one of the windows into a snap position. The wallpaper should be abstract and minimalist, complementing the overall sleek and contemporary design.

Our little town of Coronation had a chief of police and one day the inmates locked him in their cell and he could not reach the phone.  

People suggested that he leave his phone in the cell.  That is where the term “cell phone” came from.

If you believe that then you might want to buy some magic beans that a guy named Jack gave me. 

The scene is set inside a small-town jail from the 1950s, capturing a moment filled with irony and reversal of roles. The sheriff, dressed in his traditional uniform and wearing a look of sheer determination mixed with frustration, is confined within a jail cell. The cell is defined by thick, iron bars that create a formidable barrier between the sheriff and the outside world. Just beyond these bars, on the jail's wooden floor, lies an old-fashioned rotary dial telephone, its cord tangled, symbolizing the sheriff's unreachable lifeline to the outside. The sheriff, with his arm stretched out through the bars, strains every muscle to reach the phone, but it remains just beyond his grasp, a few tantalizing inches too far. On the other side, the inmates, once under his charge, are now free within the jail's common area. They are dressed in classic striped prison garb and are unable to contain their amusement at the sheriff's predicament. Their laughter and jeers fill the air, adding to the sheriff's frustration. This scene beautifully captures the unexpected twist of fate, showcasing the sheriff's desperate attempt to reach beyond the bars that once signified his authority, now a barrier to his freedom.

We had a different way of phoning in Coronation when I grew up there in the 1950s

Our phone number was 51.  That’s right, five-one.  No area code.  No dialing.  You rang the the phone by rotating a crank, just like rolling down a window in car.


People in the same part of town shared their line with neighbors who were not supposed to listen in. But everyone did.  There were few secrets. 

This arrangement was known as a party line.  Sometimes the party became a bit roudy. 

Check this out … another town in Alberta was Didsbury.  And there’s more information here on party lines. 















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