Happy Returns Notes

MELVIN REDDY pulls off a goofy scam against the IRS who  drove his dad to an early grave.

A romantic and redeeming comedy woven into a caper.  Think of a young Steve Carell in charge of  The Mission Impossible crew.  Hell, if he looks this good, offer him the part.

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Melvin targets IRS sinister auditor, TAGGART, the bureaucrat everyone, including his fish, love to hate.

Little does Reddy realize that the woman he loves is an IRS “agent.”

They enlist madcap friends and scientists to drive Taggart nutso with a series of bizarre practical jokes.

At that last moment MS IRS AGENT falls madly in love with our goofy hero and the two vanish into the sunset leaving a trail of befuddled “compliance enforcement” IRS executives.

A madcap love story with giggles for taxpayers.

PS — Marketing ploy — release the film April 15th.




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