Perfect crime…

His wife annoyed him.

Nagging. Leaving the garbage for him to take out. Substituting skim milk for cream in his tea.

He decided to off her.

Things could go wrong.

Also, husbands were always the main suspect.

His crime would have to be perfect.

Only one person could pull it off.


After all, he was one of the world’s best Crime Scene Investigators.

When she came home from the movies (girls’ night out), he was hiding in the garage. He bludgeoned her with a stone.

He placed the stone, her purse, watch and rings in a plastic bag, then hid them under a loose brick that no one knew about.

At 2 AM he called her friends. Then at 3:15 AM he phoned police colleagues to report his missing wife.

The cops discovered his dead wife in the garage.

They could find no murder weapon or other incriminating clues and concluded that his wife was a mugging victim (or vic).

He got away with it.

He had kept everything simple.

Not even a murder weapon.

Just one mistake.

He wrote this.


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