To save you reading the same things over and over — I will highlight Sera’s email. I will not highlight my stuff because it’s all brilliant and original.

Let me know if the room/apt you advertise on is still available and let me know if you can accept certified cashier check as mode of payment..And the last price for the space..
sarah / sera

my photo.


Sera: AKA Sarah Smith & Mary


Hi Sera,

Nice to hear from you.

My, what a pretty young lady you are. Is that a wig you have on?

My late mother wore her hair that way before she was institutionalized. (I am a wig maker by trade.)

Sorry, you don’t have to answer my question. It’s just that your wig looks like it needs to be retied. I could do it for you if you end up staying in our house.

Here are some photos of the house.

Click to See Photos

The large upstairs bedroom is $545. We need first and last month’s rent and a $50 refundable cleaning deposit. It is available although several people have looked at it and said they would probably be making an offer in the next few days.

$1140 would be required to move in. We don’t have to have a certified check, we generally trust people and since you can’t move in before the end of the month, there is plenty of time for the check to clear.

Please let us know how old you are. Do you live in Edmonton?

We will require two references from former landlords or present employers.

Thank you for your interest.


Mr. Summers


Pls I want to confirm if you still have the room/apartment for rent, if yes,I will like to have the description of the room/apt, Payment mode ?
Little about me , I am 23 years old female and I work full time,Monday to Friday and have weekends off except for once a month. I was born in Ft. Worth, Texas, I moved to just last years after the death of father Republique Du Benin ,I work in a fashion home as a designer director. I am not really a sports person, BUT I do love Basketball ,Lawn Tenis. I am a very out going person and fun to be with. I do play the organ and piano. I don’t drink , smoke and I don’t do drugs. I like going to movies,, concerts ,, plays, I like camping, hiking, bike ridding, swimming, and I love to travel.I am a very dedicated individual who is totally committed to human development, friendly, very trustworthy and value relationship . I am an easygoing person and like to have an apt/roommate . I am presently in Republique Du Benin and I will be moving to fully to start a new life and get my own business after 4 years of service in the fashion home in Republique Du Benin. I will be staying in your apartment for six months or a year depending on how the lease is drawn ,I will be arriving as soon as possible. I await your response as soon as possible so as to arrange for you to get the money prior for my arrival as the company client I worked for before I quit wants to arrange for the payment. As I will like to make an advance payment ahead my arrival so that you can be rest assured that this is real since I am not around.Thanks and have a good time.

(Here she signs her name Mary. Obviously this is a charming gal with many names.)


Sera —

My you sound like a nice person. Where is Republique Du Benin? Can you get there by car or Segway?


Is that the little country they practice abstinence from sexual intercourse until married? And people behead you if you are found to not be a virgin on your wedding night?

Here are some photos of the house.

Click to See Photos

The large upstairs bedroom is $545. We need first and last month’s rent and a $50 refundable cleaning deposit.

The room is in a safe part of the city away from the Eskimo and their sled dogs and is available although several people have looked at it and said they would probably be making an offer in the next few days.

The sled dogs can eat an owner in less than 2 minutes. One minute yer pettin’ them, the next you’re human tar-tar.

$1140 would be required to move in.

Fashion industry? Wow!!! Hub-hubba — double ding ding!!! Could we see some of your designs? Maybe something that you are wearing. Please no revealing clothing. We do not cotton to porno here. Have you ever lived in Edmonton?

We will require two references from yer former landlords or present employers.

Thank you for your interest.


Mr. Summers


How are you doing ? Thanks for the prompt response ,, l am interested in your rent ,,Once again, l” m so happy to see your e-mail and your content. l want to inform You that I called one of my old business dealers that Owned me some money some couples of month’s ago and they have agreed to Pay me my money back with cheque, but the money is in excess to the rent charges ,but I will instruct them to send you the cheque , so you could deposit it into your bank account and it’s clear, then deduct the Rent for one month with the deposit fee and all that are required such as other expenses , and help to me to send rest of the money to my Flight manager so that she could release my flight ticket. But before that, I will need your full name, address with your contact phone number, so I could instruct them to send the cheque to you. Hope to hear from u ASAP.



I am fine. Thank you. Financial arrangements are A-okay w/ me. Are youse short of cash?

Do not understand what a FLIGHT MANAGER is. Is this person coming with you? We sleep one to a room.

Where are Republique Du Benin? There is place that sounds like that nearby. It is pronounced:  Ripen-d-bunny.

Answer my other questions in the last note I sent you.




Hello Friend,
Good to read back from you.I’m sorry for late reply..I’m presently in Belgium..I am very happy to hear from you that i will have a place to stay when i get there..I will be coming immediately the place is vacant for me to move in.But the issue is that because of the distance i wont be able to come to see the place.Meanwhile let me tell you a ill about myself..I don’t smoke and I don’t have boyfriend.Am Sarah Smith and my nick name is SERA and am 26years old i lost my dad some years back when i was young so my mom had to remarry so she married to Mr Scott Michael who is my step dad now..He has been the one who has been taking care of me all this while i believe he is a God sent to me cux i have never regretted moment with him..Things i like are as follows reading,swimming and chatting with people around me and also make them happy..I have always been thinking of how i will affect peoples life positively by making donations to the less privileges cus when i looked at my pass when i lost my dad from the story my mom told me..I noticed it is not easy for people that as no parent..Presently i am among the people that donate to (W.H.O) for the support of the motherless home..Although i donate ill amount, but no amount is too small to help..Well i hope when we meet in person you will know more about me..Meanwhile my step dad will need the followings to make payment to you ASAP..

1.Your name and surname.

2.Address in full with the zip code..

3.I will need your phone number

I wait to have this information from you so that my step dad can make payment for the rental fee and security deposit in advance … I Await to hear from you….dear friend.

Hope to hear from you pretty soon.



Dearest Friend (Sera),

My you write a nice letter, dear. Although there was another young lady like you I knew once and that relationship soured. But that is all behind me. ( I hope.)

I have decided to make things easier for you. I WILL MAKE THINGS EASIER FOR YOU. PROMISE !!! Since you want to come here right away, I am going to keep the room for you and trust you.

You may stay for one month for free. There is an excellent bank about two blocks away and I know the manager. He will open an account for you and you can deposit your check in it. Then we will make arrangements for you to enter into a lease for the room and run of the house if you like it. I will supply you with temp spending money each day.

I also know you are not telling the whole truth. I read about this Mr. Scott Michael on the internet. As a matter of fact I saw his photo with yours.

According to the news story he forced you to have sex with him in a cave in the mountains for over three weeks.

This Michael chap was — if you can believe it and now everyone knows it — is a renegade Mormon missionary who earned extra money as a clown and such, dressing up as an Easter bunny at childrens’ parties. Pretending to be a pumpkin. Masquerading as a catholic priest and hearing confessions from wayward children such as yourself.

What a horrible thing for you to endure. And yet you have such a brave and beautiful face. You can tell me everything at The Table of Truth in the downstairs special room when you get her.

I wept when I realized what you had been through.


I will pick you up at the airport.

Just tell me when you want to come

Travel safe,

Your new friend,



It was a few long weeks before she replied — I will send that to you next week. jaron

By the way these “students” from near and afar ought to look at this brilliant assessment of our educational system.



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