Bathtubs and Bastards

Bathtubs & Bastards
Many years ago I dated a lovely single mother who had a five year old boy. Her son enjoyed baths and during these baths the lady would ask her son what he was doing.

Often he’d call back and say, “It’s okay, I’m not drinking the bathtub water.”
And the lady would dash into the bathroom and dissuade the lad from drinking the bathtub water.
Now our president is meeting with Putin. Putin kills journalist, invades neighbors, wants to destroy America by undermining our democracy and is an evil dictator, a bastard of the first water. The Russian “rule of law” is Putin’s and god help anyone who crosses him.
Does that mean we don’t have some first class bastards in America? Does that mean we are without sin? Nope. America is with its faults. But we are working at getting better. And with luck our Constitution will save us.
Putin, the Bastard, is a smart and ruthless guy who claims he’s not drinking the bathtub water.  Right.
Now I fear our president is about ready to jump in the tub with Putin.  Have a look:

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