The Foundations of Great Religions: Sex, Eternity, Miracles

Religions are grounded in three core concepts: sex (life's genesis), eternity (soul's destiny), and miracles (divine intervention), addressing fundamental human existential queries.

written by 

Jaron Summers (c) 2023


Throughout history, great religions have been shaped by three fundamental concepts: sex, eternity, and miracles.

These elements are not just incidental; they form the bedrock of religious narratives, ethics, and existential understandings across various cultures and epochs.

Firstly, sex represents the genesis of life and the continuation of human existence.

In many religious traditions, it is imbued with sacred significance, symbolizing the union of divine and mortal realms or the harmonization of fundamental cosmic forces.

For instance, in Hinduism, the union of Shiva and Parvati epitomizes a cosmic balance.

Similarly, in many Western religions, sexual morality is a cornerstone, reflecting broader spiritual principles and the sanctity of human relationships.

Eternity, the second pillar, addresses the human quest for understanding the nature of existence beyond the temporal realm.

Religions offer narratives about the afterlife, reincarnation, or eternal consciousness, providing answers to questions about the soul’s destiny after death.

The concept of eternity also underscores the impermanence of earthly life, urging adherents to focus on spiritual development and moral living.

Lastly, miracles are pivotal in religions as they signify the intervention of the divine in the mortal world.

They serve as proof of the existence and power of a higher entity, inspiring faith and awe.

Miracles, whether they are healing, resurrection, or supernatural events, challenge the ordinary laws of nature, thereby reinforcing the mystery and majesty of the divine.

Sex, eternity, and miracles are not mere aspects but the very pillars on which great religions stand.

They address fundamental human concerns about origin, purpose, and destiny, weaving a tapestry that connects the tangible with the transcendental, the human with the divine.

The problem is that the more successful any single religion becomes, the more it is likely to instill in its followers what a fine idea it would be to kill, starve, shoot, hang, decapitate, decimate, kick, bite, and blind those who are not of their tribe.   

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