The Future of Us

The beginning of the end of the world might have been in Vietnam when a general explained he had to destroy the village of Ben Suc in order to save it.

A few decades later, actually only a heartbeat in terms of the so-called indomitable human spirit, the most powerful nation in the world fell upon a nasty dictator who possessed the possibility of making weapons of mass destruction.

“We had to destroy his small country to save it,” said an American social scientist.

After a few more decades went by, everyone had enough weapons of mass destruction and they all went off together (!!! KER-BANGG !!!).

The head of the United Nations was heard to mutter, “We had to destroy the world in order to save the planet.”

Fancy that.

Our planet burned for more than a year and became a giant cinder.

Less than a million years later, right on schedule, a new species slithered out of some warm soupy slime by a volcano.

Soon Earth’s newest intelligence began to lurch around, upright.

Finally these creatures re-invented plastic and moveable typefaces and then computers. (The computers ran on a much better operating system than the one Bill Gates had.)

Anyway, the new species, who each had two heads and a tail, built universities and miniature golf courses, and for awhile practiced polygamy but then settled for monogamy and ranch-style homes in the burbs.

One fine spring day one of the new creatures (talking to itself — that was okay, it had two heads) tripped over its tail and fell into a crevice. It landed on what appeared to be ancients imbedded in some underground tar pits.

The new Alpha Wolves cleaned off the small, ever-so-ancient creatures with a drink like Coca-Cola, only it was called something else, even though it had a lot of sugar and caffeine in it.

The small tar-crusted ancient creatures exhibited extensive dental work. There was evidence of teeth straightening and gold caps to persevere what appeared to be primary teeth.

Fancy that.

The social scientist of the future went bonkers.

They deduced that earth’s ancient inhabitants, who had dwelt on this planet at the beginning of the third millennium, were concerned with dental hygiene and looked after their young.

Then some other two-headed Modern Earthlings found another tar pit filled with more ancients. They were quite different than the “small creatures” that had first been unearthed.

It didn’t take long to discover that the “first ancients” were house pets, dogs, (arf-arf) that the real ancients (you and me) had kept and doted over. We even took our dogs to pet dentists. (Arf-arf.)

Fancy that.

Someone pointed out that the latter creatures that had been pulled out of the tar resembled the house pets that were running all over the planet in the year 3,000,098 A.D.

These loveable creatures (us) had evolved over the millenniums but still had only one head and no tails. Apparently they were the descendants of the leaders of our present government who thought they would be safe in underground bunkers.

Fancy that.

If this made you think about what we are up to with our technology, consider the two images at the top of this page. One is a special kind of photograph of an unborn baby boy in his mother’s womb. See? He is smiling.

The second image is using a kind of infrared photography to peek through walls so the authorities can kill people who are hiding.

Good old technology. Let’s us do anything. Kill or watch a smiling baby that has not yet left the womb.

If we don’t control that technology we may end up the pets of two-headed creatures with tails.

Fancy that


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