President Trump says he does not do Fake News and I believe him.

He is making American and the world a better place and enriching this country by reaching out to the major leaders of the world.

Before Mr. Tump came to power the Russians wanted to kill us. Now Putin and Trump are good friends, working together to make our little world safer.

“Recently I doubled the amount of money that other stupid Americans squandered on Russia,” Leader Tump proclaimed.

“Remember in March 30, 1867, we squandered $7.2 million to buy a bunch of snow from Russia? The snow which was worth nothiing coverd Alaska. What a stupid deal,” Leader Tump proclaimed.

“Yesterday I sold the land and snow back to Putin for $15 million. Putin simply never understood the Art of The Deal.

“I gave comrade Vladimir a lesson in capitalism he’ll remember. I explain it all in my new book “Double your Money.”


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