A Shocking Situation at BYU


As a Failed Mormon, who is religious* but not spiritual, I enjoyed attending church.

Rules and ritual fascinated me.  Bearing testimonies.  Blessing the sacrament.  Baptizing rather puzzled recipients and so on.

Spiritual stuff confused me. Still does.

Nevertheless, my brand of Mormonism worked for me when I attended BYU.

By some quirk, I become editor of the college paper, The Daily Universe.  Great fun.

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One set of BYU rules I puzzled over was our Honor Code.

It said we couldn’t look at porn. A dreadful sin to have it on campus or in your possession. No booze.  Zero sex before marriage.  No coffee or tea.  NO whacking off. Nor could we—well, the code goes on and on, an ever-changing kaleidoscope of does and don’ts.

I couldn’t keep most of the rules.  Except the one prohibiting tea because I liked coffee better.  But I testify to you, my dear brothers and sisters,  I became a better person by simply attempting to follow the Honor Code.

Its rules warmed me with the illusion of order. So much so  it seemed that a Higher Power was behind the LDS church.

Decades have passed since my four wonderful years at BYU and soon I will be no more. Bits of atoms bouncing around in the universe.

I have discovered something at this late date that has shaken my confidence, my faith, and what might be my soul to its core.

During the 70s, BYU “forced” gay students to submit to a treatment that was supposed to change them to normal people.


In the 80s, the Lord’s Servants at BYU taped sensors to queers’ dicks and forced fed them porn of guys.

When the moviegoer got a hard-on, helpful administrators would hit ’em with a jolt of electricity and thus “cure” ’em of homosexual thoughts and deeds.

Screaming queers ended up with burn marks and became impotent.

Think I’m making this up? Click on this: Wacky Shocks for BYU Gays.

It really happened!  Listen to this.

Could that heinous video have been dreamed up by Jehovah Witnesses or godless atheists?

Nope, don’t think so.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was electrifyingly wrong.

Imagine failing at “curing” gays and in the process damaging their peckers and psyches. Gives “brotherly love” and privates a new twist.

The LDS church committed a sin it had dreamed up.

The Mormon authorities brought porn onto campus.


A violation of their own Honor Code.


And now these same clowns are corrupting the Honor Code to brand BYU coeds, who have been raped, as SINNERS.

At the rate things are deteriorating at BYU  the rape kit could morph into a psychological cattle prod.


*I have always felt “religious” was a contronym.

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