I’m Leaving the Country

The leader of our land claims he’s making our country great again.  He loves his family. They love him.  So what if he has a real hot wife who was not born an American?

Disgruntled voters  have criticized him because he has said a few hurtful things to world leaders who do not agree with him.

To that he says: “Suck it up, World Leaders!”

That’s going too far in my book.  He could start a World War.

So after being here for most of my life I’m going across the border to live in a country where the police are our friends and everyone has an equal chance to get ahead.


The man who will be in charge of my new home won’t have anything to do with White House Politics because he has his own place:  Trump Towers.

God Bless President Elect Donald Trump.

                     Jaron, Edmonton, Canada (Former Oilers fan)

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Jaron Summers wrote dozens of primetime television and radio programs, including those for HBO, CBS, ACCESS TV and CBC. He conceived the TV and Film Institute of Canada. Funded by the University of Alberta and ITV, Jaron ran the Institute for 12 years, donating his services for a decade.

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